Permit Requirements:

The City of Lafayette ask that all film productions fill out a Permit Application before filming in Lafayette Parish.  This permit application will help us to guide you on what other permits you need, and to help us better support your project.

*Please note: This Permit Application does Not give you permission to film on City property or a street or sidewalk in Lafayette Parish.*

Lafayette Filming Application

Street/Sidewalk Closure Permit

  • If the use of equipment or vehicles impedes traffic or asserts exclusive use of a public roadway, a road closure permit is required. There is no charge associated with a road closure permit. However, as determined by the Lafayette Office of Traffic and Transportation, a number of off-duty police officers coordinated through the Lafayette Police Department may be required for the duration of the closure, and proper signage must be utilized at the expense of the production.
  • To alert affected residents and businesses of a closure, productions must utilize the Street/Sidewalk Closure Petition.

Lafayette Street – Sidewalk Filming Permit

Use of City-Owned Facilities

  • Production equipment and/or vehicles are used on city property.
  • The Production activity (including equipment and production/crew vehicles) asserts exclusive use of City property (including but not limited to public roads, sidewalks, land, facilities, personnel, and other resources under the jurisdiction of the Lafayette Consolidated Government).
  •  For questions about what constitutes city property or to inquire about filming in a city-owned facility, please contact us.

Lafayette Filming Location Permit

*All permits are free. 

Insurance Requirements

Liability insurance is required for a production to obtain any required permit. However, depending on the production’s circumstances, the need for liability insurance may be waived on a case-by-case basis.

In order for you or your organization to be eligible for a Permit, you must submit with your permit application AN ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE which is signed in ink by the Broker’s Authorized Representative and which includes:

  1. The name and address of the insured person or Production Company.
  2. That the policy provides Commercial General Liability in the amount of at least One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) [usually listed as 1,000 thousands] in US currency or its equivalent per occurrence with a $1,000,000 aggregate.
  3. An additional insured endorsement that reads,
    The Lafayette City-Parish Government, its officials and employees
    705 W. University Ave
    Lafayette, LA 70506
  4. The name of the insurance company and of the broker, with the broker’s phone number.
  5. The policy number.
  6. The dates for which the policy is in effect, including both the start and expiration dates.
  7. That the policy may not be modified or canceled without seven days prior written notification to the Lafayette Entertainment Initiative.

For permits related to street or sidewalk closures, you will also be required to provide proof of Auto Liability Insurance for bodily injury and property damage with a Combined Single Limit (CSL) of $500,000 per occurrence and a $500,000 aggregate, pursuant to all guidelines listed above.
Please note that we do not accept FAX copies or photocopies of Insurance Certificates. We will not accept autopen or stamped signatures.